by Ritual Misery

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released March 30, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Doug Posner @ 615 studios
Photograph by Zack Rogers
Artwork by Kevin O'Bryant



all rights reserved


Ritual Misery Florida

Hardcore/grind from South Florida.

Also available on Give Praise Records.


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Track Name: Suffer Through Existence
Suffer Through Existence
This world wasn't meant for me
a life so full of sorrow and failures
another stain on the face of the earth
release from this curse known as life
is my final wish
trudging through
the boundless void
i see all hope for a better life
drifting in the wind
just out of reach
a hopeless endeavor
a never ending cycle
of pain and sadness and botched
attempts of getting through each day
it's all just a fucking waste
suffer through existence
suffer through this life
suffer through existence
Track Name: Cult
I don't believe in ghosts
I'm not asking for help
I'm not the one to pray
for a god to find a way out
I'm not as blind as the others
I don't need to hear
All the fictitious stories
that people create
to make you seem real
Hide behind a made up prophet
Creating a war inside your head
Contemplating whats right or wrong
Making all your life decisions
To satisfy your own god
We're all the same
When we're buried
Track Name: Cast You Down
polluted mind
incapable of empathy
a lost fucking cause
spineless asshole
prey on the ones
you feel dwell beneath you
get your high from the shit you spew
desperate attempts
at self affirmation
a coward is all you are
Sadistic game, a fucking joke.
With all my will I’ll cast you down.
cast you down
Track Name: Blinded
Implied intimidation
You end up regretting
you wish to end a life
in hopes of forgetting
taking the chances
of a selfish act
that can't be undone
to cover your tracks
You are a coward
blinded by hate
a disappointment
is all that you'll be
taking a life
to feel something
Track Name: To Serve and Protect
Innocent casualties
From being above the law
Stirring situations
Creating a civil war
Having a badge
Is a poor excuse
For pulling the trigger
On anyone you choose
Selfish authority
Murderous intentions
Protecting and serving
Turned into weapons